9 Best Acreage Landscaping Companies in Calgary

9 Best Acreage Landscaping Companies in Calgary

Just stop now and then and look at the lush green grass, smell the fragrance of the beautiful flowers, take deep breaths, and appreciate the view afforded by landscapes.

These pleasing aesthetics and whiffs add value to our lives, and none of us can deny it. This value enhances for sure when there’s a blend of expertise and experience.

According to Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe,

Simplicity of construction clarity of tectonic means and purity of materials have about them the glow of pristine beauty.”

Calgary located at the foothills of Grasslands and Parkland Natural Regions is known for its quite a lot of acreage properties. So, if you’re looking for Best Acreage Landscaping Companies in Calgary, consider your viable landscape needs to be solved. As, we’ve come up with 9 best acreage landscaping companies of Calgary, Alberta.

What’s the role of Acreage Landscaping Companies?

 “God dwells in details.”
– Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Since Calgary is well-known for its vast landscapes, lots of planning and a detailed study is indispensable. These companies are well familiar with how proper planning can help you to get your dream landscape.

Thus, there’re numerous benefits of the guidance of these companies, such as proper usage of space, land division, excavating natural water bodies, planting trees, and many more.

Consequently, this blog makes you search much easier as it provides you with comprehensive details about the 9 best acreage landscaping companies of Calgary so that you can pick the best one which suits your requirements, time, and economy.

List of 9 Best Acreage Landscaping Companies in Calgary

(1) Tazscapes Inc. – Overall Best Acreage Landscaping Companies in Calgary

Address: 61 Nolan Hurst Cres NW, Calgary, Alberta T3R 0Z3
Phone: +1(587) 578-0747
Website: https://tazscapes.ca/
Email: info@tazscapes.ca

About Tazscapes Inc.

Tazscapes Inc. has acquired enormous repute amongst the Calgary folks in not more than fifteen years. People recognize them as an expert with immense experience when it comes to urban and rural acreage landscaping designing and planning. However, they’re proficient in handling both kinds of landscaping projects.

Let me mention that unlike urban acreage landscaping, rural acreage landscaping requires extra consideration. The reason being is there’s a vast and open area.

Now coming to why people opt Tazscapes for acreage landscaping, this is because of heir out of the box thinking, specialist approach, and identifying their clients’ needs. Their 2019 projects Cochrane, Alberta, and Springbank, Calgary earned the accolade for them.

Tazscapes Speciality:

There’re quite several things about Tazscapes that you can count on if you prefer to take their services.

  • Well-organized and aesthetic Landscaping Ideas
  • Strategical planning and designing of a plot as per its surroundings
  • Selecting suitable products to maximize open spaces
  • Building a functional landscape that has its efficacy in future
  • Specialized acreage landscaping services
  • Using experienced equipment operators
  • Getting a feel for their clients ‘requirements
  • Fostering long-lasting association with their clients

Why isTazscapes Inc. the Right Choice as your Acreage Landscaping Company?

  • If you’ve property including vast acres in Calgary and your dream is to get an exclusive landscape design in it, you can approach Tazscapes. For, they’re considered the best acreage landscaping company and contractors in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Moreover, their passion, proficiency, and pioneering ideas distinguish them from their competitors. They have got an exclusive concept for acreage of all types.

They fully comprehend what your needs are and how they can make your dreams a reality within your budget and time.

(2) Cook Custom Landscapes

Address: 553 Sherwood Blvd NW, T3R 0X1
Phone: (403) 803-2937
Website: https://cookcustomlandscapes.ca/
Email: Lewis@cookcustomlandscapes.ca

About Cook Custom Landscapes

They say, “If you can dream it, we can build it.”

With several years of immaculate record and practice, Cook Custom Acreage Landscape Company is known to sustain an extraordinary niche when it comes to acreage landscaping in Calgary and surrounding areas.

This didn’t happen overnight as they kept setting a new benchmark with each of their projects with an urge to create something unique. The substantial acreage homes narrate their success stories.

As mentioned earlier, be it a traditional or modern acreage home, you can count on Cook Custom as they’re well familiar with your vision.

 Cook Custom Speciality:

  • Best in price, quality, and service
  • Acreage home building expert since 2008
  • Committed to creating a relaxed and quiet natural environment
  • Client’s participation from planning to building in a project
  • Experts’ consultation and guidance regarding class acreage home in Calgary
  • The help of a competent project management team to support

Why is Cook Custom Acreage Landscapes the right choice?

“Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature; it will nurture your mind, body, and soul.”
– A D Williams

  • Cook Custom Acreage Landscapes values their clients’ longings for a luxury life in the natural surroundings.
  • They’ve their expertise in designing acreage homes. Also, they have got a vision for all their projects.
  • They can help you if you wish them to find land for you. So, you can expect their support from scratch to the final stage of the project.
  • They’re known to make valuable efforts to take your property to a new horizon. You can trust them as they provide the best service at a reasonable price and with quality products. So, dare to dream as Cook Custom is there to exceed your expectations!

(3) Year-Round Landscaping Inc.

Address: 8916 – 44 Street SE Calgary AB, T2C 2P6
Phone: 403-236-1948
Website: http://www.yearroundlandscaping.com/
Email: moreinfo@yearroundlandscaping.com

About Year-Round Landscaping Inc.

Established in 1988, Year-Round Landscaping Inc. (YRL) has acquired the admiration amongst the Calgary developers and homeowners.

Their skill, competence, and dedicated customer service has supported them to become one of the few best acreage landscaping companies in the industry. People admire them due to their professional working style.

Year-Round Speciality:

  • Create a plan to the client’s specifications
  • Creates a concept that closely resembles the client’s vision

A team expert provides accurate and detailed information about the project

(4) Vivid Garden.Com

Address: 3625 Shaganappi Trail N.W. Calgary, A.B. T3A 5C4
Phone: 1-403-464-9229
Website: https://www.vividgarden.com/
Email: info@vividgarden.com

About Vivid Garden.Com

Started in 1993, Vivid Garden.Com is known for its candid and unique design and construction viewpoint. The most exciting part of their service is that they provide you with acreage landscaping for any budget.

Vivid Garden.Com Speciality:

  • A team of highly skilled professionals
  • The vast experience of serving communities in the filed
  • Strife for simplicity and sensitivity to clients’ needs

(5) Natural Landscapes

Address: 407 Willowdale Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T2J 1K2
Phone: 403-236-4636
Website: http://www.naturallandscapes.ca/
Email: info@naturallandscapes.ca

About Natural Landscapes

Natural Landscapes was established in 1986. Natural landscapes have become a common phenomenon in Calgary, and it’s not a piece of cake for Natural Landscapes to earn a reputation amongst multiple landscaping companies.

However, with their best landscaping services to acreage, retreat, and commercial properties, they’ve carved a special place in their field.

Natural Landscapes Speciality:

  • Vast experience in landscaping
  • Best in landscaping design and construction

(6) Golden Acre Home & Garden

Address: 620 Goddard Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2K 5X3 3625
Phone: (403) 274-4286
Website: https://www.goldenacre.ca/
Email: info@goldenacre.ca

About Golden Acre Home & Garden

For a very long time, Golden Acre Home & Garden has been offering its services in landscaping and garden design through its experts and trusted partners to Calgarians. They claim to have the best employees when it comes to gardening, landscaping, and construction. So, if you’re planning to transform your property, contact Golden Acre Home & Garden as they can help you.

Natural Acreage Landscaping Speciality:

  • Collaboration with gardeners and landscaping designers
  • Carry exceptional products from tropical plants to garden accessories

(7) Renaissance Landscapes

Address: PO Box 27082 NW., SDM Tuscany Calgary, Alberta, T3L-2Y1620
Phone: (403) 852-1768
Website: http://renaissancelandscapes.ca/

About Renaissance Landscapes

With vast experience in landscapes, Renaissance Landscapes Inc. is a well-known landscaping maintenance and construction company in Calgary. Their creativity has a profound impact on the homes, gardens, and landscapes in Calgary.

They offer acreage landscaping, acreage lawn maintenance, landscape design, and much more. Their standard service and intense care of homes and acreage properties have made them unique.

Renaissance Landscapes Speciality:

  • Design Not only the outdoor spaces but also take the full ownership
  • Thorough Property maintenance by the experts

(8) Earthworm Landscape Design.Com

Address: PO Box 27082 NW., SDM Tuscany Calgary, Alberta, T3L-2Y1620
Phone: (403) 852-1768
Website: https://www.earthwormlandscapedesign.com/portfolio/acreage-landscaping

About Earthworm Landscape Design.Com

Earthworm Landscape Design Co. is celebrating its 20 grand years in this field. Not only do they offer fantastic landscape design for your large yard but also your vast acreages.

They’ve amazing concepts from flower garden ideas to beautiful water features, garden fountains, and patio design. So, make your acreage landscaping absolutely spectacular with their fantastic plans.

Earthworm Landscaping Design.Com Speciality:

  • Call to discuss your plan
  • Can get your plan in a short span
  • Participate and design your property on your own

(9) Acre Prime Inc.

Address: 234234 Wrangler Rd., Rocky View County, AB T1X 0P5
Phone: 403-235-2222
Website: https://www.acreprime.ca

About Acre Prime Inc.

With decades of experience, Acre Prime Inc. has earned an excellent reputation for its landscape projects. Based in Calgary, they have their business dealing in several other parts of Canada. They’re known for their project Heritage Pointe Lake and Hamptons to full acreage developments. They’ve expertise in both hardscapes and softscapes.

Acre Prime Inc. Specialty:

  • Specialization in landscape, earthwork, sediment, and erosion, etc.
  • Efficient and timely completion of projects
  • An expert team willing to listen to clients

About Our Research on the 9 Best Acreage Landscaping Companies in Calgary

In the end, in this article, we’ve shared the 9 best acreage landscaping companies in Calgary with you. We’re sure that it will help you choose the best landscaping company which suits your needs, budget, and time. If you would like us to include a landscaper to this list of 9 Best Acreage Landscaping Companies in Calgary then please share it in your comments and let us know. We wish you all the best!